Low old photos from 1910 to 1920 approximately

Photos: Some early photographs (1910 to 1920 approximately), in the collection of Bill and Myra Low. Text in quotes is as written on back of the photograph.

Key for photographs - file name followed by description

KeillerBox_006_01.jpg - Hugh Fraser - left, middle row
KeillerBox_006_02.jpg - Alyth approx 1916 - Myra Fraser - fourth from right, back row
KeillerBox_007_05.jpg - "Willie and Uncle Bob at the Mill door pulling apples" - Bill Low circa 1920
KeillerBox_021_02.jpg - Myra Fraser - 7 or 8 years old
KeillerBox_027_02.jpg - Carrie Simpson
KeillerBox_028_03.jpg - Charles Anderson
KeillerBox_029_04.jpg - "Willie with his Teddy Bear at the front door of the Mill house" - Bill Low circa 1918
KeillerBox_042_03.jpg - Liz Simpson
KeillerBox_045_02.jpg - 1924 postcard from a Maurice S Wright (in picture) 19 Wingmore Road, Tottenham to Hugh Fraser
KeillerBox_049_02.jpg - Campbell Simpson
KeillerBox_050_02.jpg - Annie Fraser with Myra Fraser aged approximately 18 months
KeillerBox_052_01.jpg - Hugh Fraser
KeillerBox_052_02.jpg - Maggie Simpson and Jim Craig
Low_083.01.jpg - Myra Fraser
Low_091.03.jpg - Postcard; "Hugh and Madge from Mother October 1912"; Seated - Alice Fraser; Behind - Jessie Fraser (Jack), men are reputedly all lodgers
Low_093.02.jpg - Pat Urquhart and friend
Low_MLTowelCase_NotSirBox_0.jpg - Hugh Fraser

The above information is based on what is written on the back of some of the photographs, from observation of likenesses within photographs and from information received orally from Myra Fraser (deceased). Where it is perceived there may still be some doubt a question mark is included.

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