Brazil Biodynamic Fazenda Floresta Bourbon Pulped Natural

Pulped coffee is generally subjected to processing in which the skin of the fruit is removed immediately after picking but the flesh or the pulp is allowed to dry on the bean. Later, the pulp is removed.

Starting with green beans bought from Has Bean Coffee and the iRoast2 I used one of my own programmed roasting curves (3mins 168ºC; 3mins 174ºC; 3mins 180ºC; 2mins 186ºC; 2mins 192ºC) with 125g of the Brazil Fazenda Floresta Bourbon Pulped. Actual temperature during roasting, as indicated by iRoast, lay between 209ºC and 221ºC.

Stephen Leighton of Has Bean classes the Brazil Fazenda Floresta Bourbon Pulped as "milk chocolate, lychee, whole nut chocolate bar finish".

Linda and I agree that it is certainly a full bodied coffee which definitely has a hint of chocolate. A really excellent coffee. One of the best!

I think that the chocolate flavour diminished fairly rapidly over a couple of days and as always the best cup was made in the Cona.

Stephen Leighton In My Mug Video Blog Episode 68, has produced an excellently entertaining video about this coffee which is worth watching if you are a coffee geek. The associated comments are also interesting. Details of this coffee are also currently available (17th March 2010) on the HasBean site.

I suspect that I will roast the next 125g using the same roasting curve although shortly after roasting I wondered whether I should have stopped it 30 seconds early.

Stephen Leighton In My Mug Video Blog Episode 68