Nicaragua Limoncillo 2009-2010

Starting with green beans bought from Has Bean Coffee and the iRoast2 I used one of my own programmed roasting curves (3mins 168ºC; 3mins 174ºC; 3mins 180ºC; 2mins 186ºC; 2mins 192ºC) with 125g of the Nicaragua Limoncillo 2009-2010. Temperature during roasting, as indicated by iRoast, lay between 209ºC and 221ºC.

Stephen Leighton of Has Bean considers the Nicaragua Limoncillo 2009-2010 supplies a cup profile with characteristics of "toffee apple, sweet, caramel, green apple". Although the dry ground coffee has a wonderful aroma I can't however detect toffee apple, caramel or green apple in either the coffee I roasted or in the already roasted coffee supplied by Stephen. This is the case whether I make the coffee using my Cona or the Aeropress. If there is any fruit flavour present my palate would choose orange as the best candidate as a descriptor. Certainly it provides a good cup of coffee but I wouldn't say that it has a very distinctive flavour.

My best guess at the location of the estate where the beans are grown is as lnked here in Yasica Norte in the Matagalpa department of central Nicaragua: Yasica Norte google map

Stephen Leighton In My Mug Video Blog Episode 73, has produced an excellently entertaining video about this coffee which is worth watching if you are a coffee geek. The associated comments are also interesting. Details of this coffee are also currently available (9th April 2010) on the HasBean site.

Stephen Leighton In My Mug Video Blog Episode 73


I purchased both green beans and already roasted beans from Has Bean Coffee for comparative purposes. It may or may not be significant but the beans once roasted looked slightly larger from Has Bean than my roasted equivalents. The roast was perhaps also not slight as dark from has Bean.