Indonesian Sidikalang 2009-2010

Well episode 69 of In My Mug brought me to investigate this coffee.

Episode 69 dealt with the UKBC Blend which was absolutely wonderful and so I just had to investigate the individual components.

As with the UKBC blend the Cona seemed to provide a slightly more aromatic and favour-filled cup than that made in the Aeropress for some reason.

People may not like this Indonesian coffee but it certainly provides a talking point. I actually love it but I wouldn't like to drink it and nothing else but it every day every day. Great, however, to be able to pull it out of the cupboard and do a roast when the humour is right.

It is funky, interesting, different, tolerant of the brewing process, full of flavour, and just a great talking point.

My brilliant wife once again came up with a descriptor for the flavour which describes it better than any other. She says not funky but 'funghi'. Also she says not farmyard but 'goats cheese'.

Don't get the bananas but can relate to the cider apple boozyness descriptor although only vaguely so.

Cetrainly a coffee which any coffee lover must try. It seems difficult not to make a good cup of coffee with it too, which is a great bonus. It is good humoured and tolerant of poor brewing methodologies - which suits me.