Sumatra Gayo Mountains

Found this coffee a bit difficult to deal with for some reason. One cup would be just a little 'thin' and the next would be too strong but not really favoursome strong, rather just a function of more of the soluble solids present in the water for that brew.

Most cupping was done courtesy of my Cona although the Aeropress was taken into use to see if a qualitatively different cup of coffee could be made.

Certainly slurping the coffee once it cooled a bit provided a chocolatey flavour. It was present, but not in bucket loads.

There were other flavours present but I couldn't really relate them to spiciness or black pepper.

The most interesting observation occurred when I thought that I would signal to my wife that coffee was being brewed - she was talking to a neighbour outside. I turned on the extractor fan in the cooker hood thinking that that would bring her in. When she did eventually come in said that there was no smell of coffee outside or inside the house.

In conclusion, I have to say that this wasn't a favourite of mine. It seemed to require just a bit more of the ground coffee to get a fuller body but then it seemed too full bodied without added flavour. It didn't have a rich, high-toned, complexity or flavour that would make me ask for more. I put it down to my inexperience and my roasting methodology in the iRoast 2. The beans once roasted, however, did look great.

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